Brooklyn Kura

New York, United States
At a Glance
  • Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY
  • All products are from the USA - rice grown and polished in California/Arkansas and the water is NY's finest
  • Sakes are all junmai-style and brewed using four ingredients (rice, water, yeast and koji).
  • Brooklyn Kura prides itself on offering american consumers fresh local namazake (unpasteurized), which retains texture and vibrancy often lost with pasteurization.  Unpasteurized sake must be refrigerated.

Founders Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan are both career changers who met at a mutual friends' wedding in Japan in 2013.  At that wedding they became fast friends and toured a small mountaintop brewery doing everything by hand and (after drinking some sake!) they decided to start a brewery.  They both returned home, Brian to NYC where he worked in analytics and technology for American Express, and Brandon to Portland where he was a biochemist for the Knight Cardiovascular Institute at Oregon Health and Science University.  

During the intervening years they have surrounded themselves with industry professionals and experts, touring and training, in an effort to learn to produce exceptional sake and convince more wine & beer drinkers to enjoy more sake! 

Brooklyn Kura opened its doors in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in January of 2018.  

Brian is the brewery's president / ceo. Brandon is the brewery's head brewer. 

The main sakes they produce are #14 (Junmai Ginjo) and Blue Door (Junmai).  #14 is light, floral and fruit forward. Blue Door is crisp and clean with earthy notes.  Both Sake have been extremely well received by the Sake community in the US and in Japan.  

Their production is limited and all products are Namazake (unpasteurized) and as such need to remain refrigerated.

Feel free to visit Brooklyn Kura Friday through Sunday to enjoy their sake from the source.

These sake are the hallmark of craft and we are very proud to bring them to you.