California, United States
At a Glance
  • Chris Maybach started this cult Cabernet project in 2004 with Thomas Rivers Brown as the winemaker
  • The Cabernets are sourced from the Weitz vineyard located in Oakville (Materium) and Amoenus vineyard in Calistoga.  The Chardonnay (B. Thieriot vineyard) and Pinot Noir both hail from the Sonoma Coast
  • Production of Maybach wines is always miniscule and the wines are highly sought after by collectors, as well as restaurants

For 100 years the name Maybach has been synonymous with quality at the finest level. Maybach intends to honor the tradition of individuality and craftsmanship established by our ancestors with their hand-made wines. Winemaker Thomas Brown, whose minimalist approach to his craft encourages the expression of regional characteristics in our wines, notably through rich aromas and flavors.

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