Peirson Meyer

California, United States
At a Glance
  • Peirson Meyer is a collaboration that started in 2005 between Alan Peirson and Robbie Meyer who met while working at Peter Michael winery
  • The backbone of the Peirson Meyer portfolio are the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir sourced from several sites in the Russina River Valley
  • The style of Peirson Meyer is classic Russian River in that there is amble, layered, spiced fruit to the wines, but they also posses a linear core of acidity that balances the richness 
  • In addition to their blended wines, Peirson Meyer also makes Charles Heintz and Sophia's vineyard Chardonnays, and single vineyard Pinots from the Miller and Bateman vineyards

Peirson Meyer is a venture between the creators of L'Angevin Wines, the Peirson Family and the Meyer Family. The inaugural release (2005 vintage) of Peirson Meyer Chardonnay is a departure from the previous work winegrowers Alan Peirson and Robbie Meyer have done with their vineyard and appellation designated wines.

This particular Chardonnay is a demonstration in the art of blending. Choosing from the barrels that ultimately make up the Charles Heintz and Russian River Valley Chardonnays, Robbie and Alan carefully selected individual barrels that would offer unique expression not necessarily shown in the individual blends that clearly represent the given vineyards. This is more an expression of what Chardonnay can offer rather than what a particular vineyard can. From the great minerality, characteristic of the best Burgundies, to the beauty of pure California fruit in the aroma, as well as a viscous mouthfeel balanced by a focused finish, this wine is a demonstration of what can be found hidden in the broader complexities of the traditional wines of L’Angevin.